Architectural Old House Parts

About Us

Architectural Old House Parts is a unique retail store owned and operated by Patrick and Valentina Campbell. We offer a large selection of salvaged building materials and architectural elements including doors, windows, mantels, shutters, railings, ironworks, stained glass windows, cast iron bathtubs and sinks, light fixtures, and hardware.


We travel far and wide to seek out special finds. Our inventory comes primarily from Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington, D.C. and North Carolina. Products are most often salvaged elements from buildings slated for demolition, including homes, churches, and commercial properties. We feel strongly that these items do not need to buried at a landfill or thrown on a burn pile.


Customers enjoy our shop for a variety of reasons; whether you are involved in authentic, historic restorations; adding an addition to a historic property; live in a modern home and desire adding a historic texture; or just have an appreciation for architectural salvage, we have something to offer in our expansive collection. Frequent visitors include everyone from homeowners and apartment renters to architects and contractors, interior designers, artists, crafters and jewelry makers, and furniture and cabinetmakers.


At our sprawling, 9,200-square foot warehouse you will find a clean and well-organized space, where one of our friendly staff is always happy to help examine, select, and load items. We like to provide the best customer service we can and value honesty and integrity. 

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